Best Android Antivirus – The Top 5 Free Apps Of 2016

Hey guys i know you want to know the best android antivirus of 2016,Well today i will tell you the most popular and best android antivirus.Antivirus is the most important software and app to use in computer,Pc and in mobile phone because of our system’s security.Everyday we saw hackers are hacking thousands of computers,mobiles phones  because of low system security or no security and hacking millions of dollars or confidential files with hacking so to protect your system from these threats you should follow and read the post carefully.

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Best Android Antivirus

Best Android Antivirus 2016

Top 5 Best Android Antivirus Of 2016

Android world is full of apps, various known and unknown publishers are throwing away apps in the market. There are chances that you might end up downloading a wrong app on your mobile and pay for it dearly. To protect your mobile phones from malware and viruses you can have a look on the best available antivirus packages for Android Phones.

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 Avast Mobile Security and Anti virus

Avast is the best android antivirus in the mobiles antivirus segment.Even the free version of Avast is more capable in comparison with the paid version of many ant viruses available in the market. This is a well-organized interface to deal with the threat of virus and you can rely on it. Be it a privacy adviser or a list of blacklisted domains this antivirus has a very systematic approach to depict everything.

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Look out Mobile security

Look out Mobile security is on the second number in the list of best android antivirus list.Look out mobile security is the product of a company which is committed to ensuring that every user feels secure and enjoy privacy while using their smart phone. Their regular efforts in this direction paid off well and we have ‘look out Mobile Security’ in our hands. You will appreciate its speed which is very important. A slow antivirus program can slow down your Android phone further.   Anti thefts features of this Antivirus are also very sharp and make a thieves life miserable if he will try to sell it.

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McAfee Mobile Security for Android

McAfee is the antivirus program works very well for many because its functions are very simple. Its malware detection function is exceptional. It has a lot of functions that allows you to filter certain malware’s. But they balanced this complex functionality with a commanding ease in use. Its data exposure feature is excellent and it gives you a kind of command over your privacy settings. A user-friendly note attached to every function makes it even easier to operate.

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Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

This malware detection engine will remind you the powers of Kaspersky Internet security for PC. It has simple tools to clean various caches and acts with full alert when you connect your phone to any other device for a data transfer. Anti theft and privacy settings are up to the mark but this antivirus lacks when it comes to deal with certain Kaspersky mobile security Android 300×186 apps. There is a room for improvement and regular updates are trying hard to fill in the blank. If you avoid apps from unknown authors and if you are prize conscious types then you can go for it.

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Norton Mobile Security

Norton mobile security is the last but not the least in the list of best android antivirus.From the prestigious house of Norton this is the latest offering to cover the mobile space. If you are looking to a antivirus to detect the malware then it can be a safe bet, but it is very poor in the terms of other features which Current day antivirus software carry with them. It may be a better choice in comparison with other new and unknown antivirus software. But in the end, you might end up craving for more.

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Just like Android apps you may find a variety of virus protection tools in the market. But here we would suggest you to stick to the basics. Primary job of any antivirus is to detect the malware and above mentioned antivirus are available best options for this task.So these were the top 5 best android antivirus apps of 2016.I hope you have liked it.Please don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.Take care bye

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