{Whatsapp Tricks}| 5 Secret,Cool Whatsapp Tricks Tips 2016

Many peoples are searching for whatsapp tricks like whatsapp without internet,how to spy friends whatsapp account,how to use whatsapp without phone number,how to hack whatsapp account,whatsapp image trick,whatsapp number for chat 2016 to and use. Well today i will cover some cool and secret whatsapp tricks in which i will cover how to use whatsapp without number,how to use whatsapp without internet 2016 and some other also.Now days peoples are searching for whatsapp tricks.But why ? Let me tell you a story about how it came in my mind to write about whatsapp tricks

Yesterday i got a mail on my email id,a person wants to know latest whatsapp tricks and hacks of 2016,i asked him why he is so curious to know whatsapp tricks.He said he is very enthusiastic about using whatsapp and wants to know more like how to use whatsapp without internet daily,how to use whatsapp without number,how to hack whatsapp.So after reading his reply i decided to share some latest but secret whatsapp tricks which you will never found on internet.But before starting let me tell you something little about whatsapp

whatsapp tricks and tips 2016

whatsapp tricks and tips 2016

About Whatsapp 

Whatsapp was founded  by two former Yahoo’s employees name “Brian Acton” and “Jan Koum,” in 2009.They create a super awesome app and named it “Whatsapp”.In just seven years whatsapp becoming the largest and biggest company having 100 million+ user and counting.You can realize its popularity that “Mark Zuckerberg” which is the founder of “Facebook” paid $19 Billion to own it because it is giving very hard competition to Facebook

Features Of Whatsapp

Before going to whatsapp tricks lets read some features of whatsapp.Whatsapp has very simple but strong and attractive features which is the main reason of its growth and popularity.Let know its features

1.) Whatsapp has simple user interface which helps even a newbie to understand it

2.)Send thousand of words message (no bar on words or no limit on messages )

3.Send different emotions or smileys to your friends

4.You can create a broadcast group which helps you to send a message to different friends at single click

5.You can create “Whatsapp Group” and can add upto 256 members at a time

6.Send any of the file you want (Songs,videos,apk ,zip files)

7.Free for one year,after it you have to pay just $.99 per year

8.Whatsapp announced its free calling features which allows user to do a free call over whatsapp

Cool/Secret Whatsapp Tricks 2016

As you all know guys most of the peoples who are having Android,iOs,Blackberry,Nokia, devices are using whatsapp for sure.This result peoples to find questions on google about latest whatsapp tricks 2016 or how to use whatsapp without internet,how to spy friends whatsapp account .So i’m sharing some secret cool whatsapp tricks,whatsapp without number use ,whatsapp without internet.Follow the steps carefully

How To Spy Friend’s Whatsapp Account-Whatsapp Tricks 

whatsapp tricks spy whatsapp account

whatsapp tricks spy whatsapp account

The peoples who are searching for how to hack lover’s whatsapp account or spy whatsapp account,this is the perfect place for you.With this whatsapp tricks you can check or spy your loved once whatsapp conversation.With one of the whatsapp tricks you will able to care or protect your partner to being wrong or do anything wrong.For this you just have to download little app which link is below and check what talks,media exchange your partner doing with others

Download whatsapp Spy App 

Use Whatsapp Without Internet – Cool Whatsapp Tricks

whatsapp tricks use whatsapp without internet

whatsapp tricks use whatsapp without internet

Do you ever think to use whatsapp without internet ? well i thought this because of high internet charges.Telecom companies are charging so high amount from a common customer which even sometime they can’t afford,This happened with me before a year when i was not able to recharge my internet pack because of very high internet data charges.But the solution of using whatsapp without internet is coming very soon

The solution of the problem is a sim card,Yes it’s a sim card.Manuel Zanella who is president of “Zeromobile” company announced a sim card named “Whatsim”.Through this sim a user can be able to send or receive whatsapp message absolutely free.This company has tie-ups over 500+ telecom providers all over the world and soon they are going to launch “Whatsim” to use whatsapp without internet.

This sim will be available in between $10-$15.Which would cost around 700-900 INR in Indian cost.With the help of this sim a user will able to send or receive messages and share contacts with other friends however to download images or video files,user will have to pay more (can’t tell exact amount) then normal.This service will be validate for one year in a sim,after 1 year a user have to recharge again to use whatsapp without internet

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How To Use Whatsapp Without Number-Whatsapp Tricks 

This is the most awaited and one of the popular whatsapp tricks.Now it is very easy to use whatsapp without number.For this trick we will use fake whatsapp number which will help us to use whatsapp without number.Lets see how to do it

1.Uninstall whatsapp from your mobile phone (recommended)

2.Go to play store and download whatsapp again (recommended)

3.Now after complete installation of whatsapp in your phone turn data off !!!

4.Okay now open whatsapp and put your mobile number for verification  (don’t worry your data is off)

5.After inserting phone number click on verify,as it start process to verify the number service would fail because we are not using any data which could connect whatsapp’s server to internet for phone verification

6.Now after failed to automatically verification process,whatsapp will give you option to verify your number via SMS

7.Insert what they ask but be careful to click on the cancel just after clicking the send button (it will terminate whatsapp verification process)

8.Now go to your google play store and download app fake text message

9.Now go to spoofer app and copy message details and send it to spoofed verification

10.You can use this spoofed mobile number in your whatsapp verification number and use whatsapp without number

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Fake Whatsapp Chat/Conversation -Cool Whatsapp Tricks

whatsapp tricks fake whatsapp conversation

whatsapp tricks fake whatsapp conversation

Many of time i found funny conversations like i saw a funny conversation between Brack Obama (U.S President) and Narender Modi (Indian Prime Minister).I was very wondered that how could it be possible to create a fake conversation between any body,then i found this whatsapp trick which helps to create fake chat or conversation on whatsapp

You can create fake whatsapp conversation using a app named Whatsaid.Basically whatsaid is a funny prank application which creates fake funny conversations or prank between two guys.You can also download whatsaid and make fun of it

How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages -Whatsapp Tricks

how to recover deleted whatsapp messages

how to recover deleted whatsapp messages

This is the last but not least whatsapp tricks,this method is very tricky and useful if you lost your whatsapp messages for some reasons.Now you can read deleted whatsapp messages lets see how we can get back or recover our whatsapp deleted messages in less than a minute

1.First of all go to SD Card then search for whatsapp folder

2.Whatsapp saves all your conversations/chats on memory card that’s why we are operation whatsapp folder

3.Go to whatsapp database you will find two files named as “msgstore.db.crypt” and “msgstore.db.crypt6” something like that and renamed them by giving any simple remember name (search carefully,these two files must be there in whatsapp database)

4.Uninstall the whatsapp,go to whatsapp folder in SD Card and find the file you want to restore,usually they are named in “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt”

5.Rename this file, in the same folder to msgstore.db.crypt

6.Now install the whatsapp,after completing number verification process it will prompted to restore previous chats,click on restore it will restore all of your previous chats in some time

So guys here were some best and secret whatsapp tricks 2016.which are not openly sharing by people online.But i collect these very hardly so please share it with your friends on whatsapp,facebook and anywhere you can .I hope you guys liked this whatsapp trricks article specially to use whatsapp without internet and use whatsapp without number 😉

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