Xender for PC, Laptop Download – Install Xender APK on Windows 7/8/8.1/10/MAC

Xender for PC – Hi friends download xender for Windows PC, Laptop is very popular string which peoples are using to find how to install xender app on pc so that a user will be able to use xender app on pc too.But how is it possible because xender is officially available on android,Blackberry or on iOS platforms and not for the computer.But don’t worry i have a method to download xender for pc.How to implement and use that method ? Lets find out

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Before going to download xender for pc.Let me tell you that xender is a data sharing app which help user to send or receive big mobile phone application like images,videos,pdf files and much more.The lightning speed of xender app makes it more perfect and helpful.It provides user over 100 mbps speed to transfer the file.You can imagine the transferring speed of the app.I’m also using this app on my android phone and pc too for transferring the big files in just a minute.But before download xender for pc let me show you some features of the app

Xender App Features 

Xender was developed by xender team known as “Anmobi.inc”.Xender supports large number of languages.The was developed in China in 2012.Right now xender is available on three platforms which are android,windows and iOS

1.Xender is a famous tool to send or receive big sizes files

2.Xender supports different languages which can be helpful for different communities peoples

3.It provides speed upto 100 MB per second which is awesome

4.It helps user to make connection between two devices securely

5.Don’t need any stupid wire or communication to connect it

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Earlier time,if we going to transfer something from mobile to mobile or mobile to pc/computer,we need two things which were bluetooth (to communicate b/w mobiles) or data transferring cable (to transfer the data to the pc/computer from mobile phone).But the problem with bluetooth is that it is not secure enough to transferring the files.Secondly it needs very much time to send a file from one phone to another and in many case connection gets disconnect in the middle of the transferring which was very big headache for me also.

And in the case of transferring the files from phone to computer we need a data transfer cable.But data cable drivers must have to install in pc in order to use it also the wire creates many headache while transferring the files.But now these are old talks.Now we can transfer anything using a app name “Xender”.

Download Xender For Pc

To download xender for pc i’m going to provide you three methods.But i will recommend you first one to use because its very easy to use and no tool is required to download in order to use xender for pc.So let’s start

Xender For Pc Using Xender Web

Most easy method to use xender for pc is Xender Web.Xender web is xender’s official website which allow user to use xender for pc.For this you have to follow below steps.

1.First go to Xender web,this is the official site of xender

2.Here you will see a pic like below

xender for pc download

xender for pc download


3.Here you have to connect your mobile phone’s xender app in order to use it on pc

4.Once it connects,you will be able to share anything from your pc to android phone

How To Download Xender App On Pc-Bluestacks 

Bluestacks is an android emulator which helps us to use Xender for pc.It act as an android mobile phone which we will use on our computer/laptop/mac as android phone.But it just a tool nothing elese.So let’s find out how we can use xender app on pc/computer.mac ?

1.Download bluestacks first and install it in your computer/laptop or mac system

2.This is how’s your tool be looked on the secree

3.Follow all the steps as shown in the instruction there


4.Now open the tool,there you will see the search box

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5.Write Xender and hit search as like this image

xender for pc

xender for pc

6.Now bluestacks ask you to provides Gmail ID because we are downloading this app directly from google app store

7.Just login from your gmail id account and wait for installation to complete

8.Once it complete,you can use it on your pc free

Xender For Pc Using YouWave 

This is premium tool and you have to pay to use it.But good thing is that you can use its trial version too to use it for 7 days.But after 7 days you have to pay around $20 for lifetime in order to use it.So let’s start how to download xender for pc using Youwave

1.Download Youwave from its official website (google it)

2.Download and install the software in your computer.laptop or mac

3.Now open the Youwave tool and follow the instruction appearing there

4.Open the browser in the tool and open the website of google play store

5.Use search option to find Xender app

6.Click on the install button now and fill your Gmail account ID in order to download it

7.Now you are eligible to use xender for pc

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Con’s Of Android Emulators 

1.Emulators are of very high MB sizes which are not possible to download for slow connection user

2.It need high performance computer/laptop in order to use it smoothly

3.It requires atleast 4 GB of RAM to use it properly

4.It might cost you because Youwave is a premium tool

Xender for iPhone (iOS version) 

Xender is also available for apple iOS devices.With xender for iphone you can get connect not only to iphone to iphone but also with iphone to android phone too.Yes you heard right.This is the coolest method to share data files between apple iphone or Android phone.For this you have to download a file from apple store.Download it below

Download Xender For iPhone iOS version

In the last i just want to tell you that Xender is the best app to share data files like videos,songs,big movies from one phone to another phone safe and securely.Millions of peoples are using Xender and they all are might not wrong.I recommend you to give a try to Xender and also give a try to download Xender for pc too.

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